Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Gilbert Island, Broken Islands

View of snow on mountains on Vancouver Island from our anchorage at Gilbert Island.

Thursday July 10
Depart: Nettle Island anchorage 0900
Arrive: Gilbert Island 1230
Trip Log: 750.7 nm Lat: 48 52.46 Lon: 125 19.21
We did not arrive at this anchorage very gracefully. We shortened our painter by about 10 feet! Or for those of you that don't know boatspeak, the rope that ties the dingy to the boat when you are towing it (called the painter, and don't ask me why), normally behaves quite well when we are putting the anchor down, but on this particular day, it decided the best place for it would be under the boat and around the propeller. Consequently, I had to get in the water, and untangle it from around the prop, but we had to cut it before we could get it off and that is why it is about 10 feet shorter now. Oh well, those things happen!
We are nestled in close to Gilbert Island, near a nice sandy beach as the winds howl all around us except for on our little private beach. (Actually it is not really private because this is the kayak campsite.)
Sunset in the Broken Islands