Sunday, January 8, 2012

I love this picture........

Lion's mane jelly fish in Pruth Bay.

Joe's Bay

Friday August 26, 2011
leave Illahie Inlet
arrive Joe's Bay, Fish Egg Inlet 51 38.94N 127 45.58W

Splendid Mane tucked up against the shore in Joe's Bay.
We don't know who Joe is, but his little bay sure was nice. After we got anchored and stern tied, we got in the dingy to explore. In our guide book, it says there is a reversing falls behind the islet we can see in front of us. So we motor over to have a look, and it just so happens that tides levels are about even, so we continue on for some more exploring. After about 10 minutes of slowly putting along, the inlet began to narrow and lots of little islands dotted the landscape. We stopped on one, and built a small Inukshuk.... should be fun to see if it is still there when we go back, maybe this summer.
One of the small islets in Fish Egg Inlet.
Back on Splendid Mane, we enjoyed our afternoon happy hour. As we were quietly sitting in the cockpit, we began to hear some noises coming from the shore..... grunting and snorting and huffing. We never saw it, but it definitely sounded like a bear, upset that someone else was in his bay. 
What is this?

Illahie Inlet off Fish Egg Inlet

Thursday August 25, 2011
leave Pruth Bay
arrive Illahie Inlet off Fish Egg Inlet 51 39.92N 128 49.08W
This is another stop that very few boats make. It is a series of little dead end inlets virtually untouched by anyone. We explored around a few before we settled on a nice location for the night. The weather has been co-operating lately, and we enjoy a beautiful sunset with our dinner.