Tuesday, December 2, 2008

North Cove to Ladysmith Harbour

Tuesday December 2, 2008
Lv: North Cove 0800
We are heading to Chemainus to fill with diesel, then heading north to Ladysmith
Fuel: 89 L, $88.10, hours on engine 1434
Arrive: our dock, Ladysmith Harbour 1230
Trip Log: 1384
It is always good to be home again, but we enjoy our boat so much that we are already planning the next trip.... looks like Victoria for Christmas.....

Monday, December 1, 2008

Sidney to North Cove, Thetis Island

Monday December 1, 2008
Lv: Sidney Marina 1100 Overcast, foggy, not raining, yet.
Arrive: North Cove, Thetis Island 1810
Lat: 49 00.97 Lon: 123 41.45

This was our third choice for an anchorage for the night, but it is one of our very most favorite places to put the hook down. It is always quiet here, and whether the sun is coming up or going down, you'll always have something nice to look at. We arrived in the dark, actually the last couple hours of our cruising was in the dark, but happily found North Cove deserted.

Stuart Island back to Port Sidney

Sunday November 30, 2008
Lv: Stuart Island 1100 Very thick pea soup fog.
Arrive: Port Sidney Marina 1315 Check in with Canada Customs (clearance # 2008-335-0110)
Log 1336
We almost turned back right at the outset because we couldn't see anything. But then decided this would be good practice using our radar in combination with our GPS. Since there is no wind, we are motoring all the way, I was out on deck listening for fog horns from passing freighters and tugs. Our visability was about 1/4 mile most of the way, but closer to Sidney the fog started to lift. Of course, I did not waste my time standing around doing nothing. The deck was very nice and clean by the time we arrived in Sidney! 

Westsound to Stuart Island

Saturday November 29, 2008
Lv: Westsound, Lopez Island 1030 Raining lightly
Arrive: Between Stuart Island and Satellite Island Log: 1325
Lat: 48 40.90 Lon: 123 11.74
Another day of nothing too much exciting. The humidity is so high inside the boat, we are having trouble keeping things dry. The new system we set up for our bed is working perfectly, but the hull gets pretty wet inside the lockers. On our trip to Alaska and also around Vancouver Island, we found that our mattress was getting very damp because of the cold coming up from the water tank underneath and the heat coming off our bodies. So, we built a platform out of cedar decking, effectively raising the mattress about 2 inches off the base of the bed, allowing air to circulate and it really works to keep things dry. But, now we have to figure out what to do inside lockers and inside the cabin in general. These are the things boat people worry about! Economy? What economy!
Below, the Olympic Peninsula at sunset. 

Shoal Bay to Westsound, Orcas Island

Friday November 28, 2008
Lv: Shoal Bay 1020
Raining and 6 degrees, winter weather.... uggghhh.
Arrive: Westsound, Orcas Island 1200
Lat: 48 36.59 Lon: 122 58.76
We are starting to enjoy this! Jerry is reading the book I bought him for his birthday.
We are hoping that the weather clears enough tomorrow that we can do some hiking on Orcas Island. Our aim is to hike up to the top of Turtleback Mountain, a very new park on Orcas. This 1,578 acre preserve came up for sale in the late 1990's and a group of islands banded together, raised the money and purchased it, saving it from developement. It was only just opened up to the public this past spring. But if the weather does not clear, we will have to wait until the next time, the reward at the end of the hike is the beautiful view.

Another day to relax, but that is what this is all about anyway. 

Barlow Bay to Shoal Bay, Lopez Island


Thursday November 27, 2008
Lv: Barlow Bay 1030
Arrive: Shoal Bay, Lopez 1615 Log: 1303
Lat: 48 33.31 Lon: 122 52.50
Hours on engine: 1414
Nothing too exciting today, the weather seems to have decided to change for good to winter. It is gloomy and slightly drizzely, and we are motoring all the time now. Besides, it's a day to relax, read some good books and reflect on life.

Friday Harbor to Lopez Island

Wednesday November 26, 2008
Lv: Friday Harbor, San Juan Island 1230
Arrive: Barlow Bay, Lopez Island 1615
Lat: 48 26.34 Lon: 122 52.31

The day started off rather gloomy, but by the time we were ready to leave Friday Harbor, the sun was shinning and we could see that the wind was picking up. On our way to Lopez, we passed Whale Rock where a large colony of sealions reside. Living space is at a premium, and the large males were able to take the choicest spots, while youngsters had to scroung around for avaliable space at the tide line. They were making lots of barking and grunting noises as we passed, keeping a wary eye on us.

Haven't seen the killer whales yet.......