Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Roche Harbor to Friday Harbor, San Juan Island

Tuesday November 25, 2008
Lv: Roche Harbor 0945
It is raining today, our first day of rain, but no surprise, that is what the forecast said.
Arrive: Friday Harbor 1230 Log 1264
Lat: 48 32.36 Lon: 123 00.95

It didn't quite rain the whole day, and we could see the sun shinning off to the west over Vancouver Island so we knew that it would be coming our way soon. The wind kicked up to 15 knots and we got some nice sailing in. We didn't see the killer whales, but they are around. Our first stop in Friday Harbor, after checking in at the marina, is the Whale Museum.  They reported that the L Pod was spotted off the west side of San Juan that morning, but we were on the east side. I am confident we will see them on this trip.

Killer whale skeleton at the Whale Museum in Friday Harbor.

Sidney to Roche Harbor, San Juan Island

Monday November 24, 2008
Lv: Sidney 1330
Arrive: Roche Harbor 1530 Clear customs, anchor in harbor
Lat: 48 36.72
Lon: 123 09.47

We had a beautiful sail across Boundry Pass today, accompanied partly by a small school of dolphins. It is so fun to watch them as they swim along beside our boat, zooming back and forth, under and behind, like they are having so much fun. I think when they see you watching them, they act up even more. They seemed to appear from nowhere and then vanished just the same.
We cleared customs easily and then decided to anchor out in the harbour, enjoying a very quiet night. 

Sunday, November 23, 2008

On to Port Sidney

Sunday November 23, 2008
Lv: Parker Island 0845
Log: 1223
We are having so much fun, it seems like something should happen to spoil it..... the weather forecast is for rain later today but the sky is telling us it will be a nice day. We have the sails up, and are moving along through Swanson Channel at over 7 knots... that seems like pretty slow to you power boaters, but for us it is ROCKING!!! Oh, up ahead!! Jerry yells there is a Killer Whale!! I almost throw my back out whipping around to get a look only to see that it is only a log drifting by. Erggg!! Well, I am confident we will see the pod of killer whales that lives near by, but I am saddened by the fact that scientists have lost track of 7 of the pods members and think they may have died of starvation this past summer and fall. The last time we were near Boundary Pass, we saw the pod, but they were about a mile away. Hopefully, we will be lucky on this trip and see them again.

Arrive: Port Sidney Marina 1320
Lat: 48 39.24 N
Lon: 123 23.60 W
We decided to splurge and take a birth at the marina tonight. Sidney is such a nice little town... Jerry will be able to do some work tomorrow morning on the computer while I spend some time looking around the many little shops in Sidney. But we may have spoiled ourselves....... we are of course hooked up to power and right now we have the heater going, the music blarring (Beatles, thanks to Steve), ALL the lights on, and of course the computer. What more could you want? It is beautiful here right now... there are no other boaters, no lookie loos, the only thing we have to watch out for it the sea gull and dog shit on the docks..... yeah, you guessed right...... I stepped in the doggie one. I just don't understand why people let their dogs take a crap on the dock and then just leave it there. Do you think I should lighten up a bit? NOT!

Tying up in Port Sidney Marina.

Taking advantage of some nice weather........

Saturday November 22, 2008
Lv: Ladysmith Harbour 1330
Hours on engine: 1392
Log: 1203
We had originally planned to leave yesterday but the weather was so nasty (wind and rain), that we decided to wait a day... besides, what's the hurry? We have all the time we need. Not that we are sissies, but hey, it is all about comfort and fun, right? Anyway, glad we waited because the day was an absolutely perfect as far as the weather (winter) is concerned. We enjoyed a nice 15 knot breeze as we were heading down Tricomali Channel towards our anchorage near Montague Harbour. The only other boats we came across, out to disturb our solitude, were 5 hot rod power boats that looked like they were racing around Salt Spring Island. Obviously, they have too much money to BURN!

Arrive: Parker Island 1630
Lat: 48 53.65 N
Lon: 123 25.14 W
We put the anchor down in a small cove near Parker Island. We are alone except for one or two harbour seals and some cormorants. Ahhh, this is the life. We just love getting away and out on the water. Words really do not do justice to how nice this is. Now our only challange is to keep the boat warm enough so we don't have to use our survival suits!