Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sailing homeward down Johnstone Strait

Thursday August 30, 2012
We left our anchorage at Port Neville this morning and are heading homeward through Johnstone Strait. Passed a small pod of orca just a few minutes ago, it is a beautiful day but kind of fickly winds.
 More of the junk we find. This one we left behind.
This trip has been fantastic. For the most part, we had good weather. The rain, when it did come, didn't last for long. Most of where we went, we hadn't been before. We did lots of exploring on beaches and through trails when we could find them.
Sunset in Tate  Cove, Aristazabal Island
We didn't see a lot of other boats out on the water except around fishing resorts. Most of the time we had anchorages all to ourselves, but sometimes a bear would show up. 
Once we get home, I will post a link to our web album and hopefully a chart (if I can figure out how to do it) of our journey.

Monday, August 6, 2012

On our way again.

We are just leaving Prince Rupert after having filled up with fuel and water. This is a good stop for provisions and doing some laundry.
We are heading out to Stephen's Island for tonight, a place we have not been yet. On this trip we have mostly been going to places that are new to us.
This crab, a Spiny King Crab, was in our trap in McMicking Inlet. This is a juvenile, they get to be up to 60 pounds. We let him go.
This is the only bear we saw on Princess Royal Island, home to the Spirit Bear. This bear is the same type of bear only it is not white like the Spirit Bear.
We have seen some very beautiful sunsets, especially when there was smoke in the air from the forest fires in Colorado.

When we were in McMicking Inlet on Campania Island, we also caught a BIG dungeness crab, enough meat it in to last us two dinners. We are going to stop there again on our way home to hopefully stock up!
This will probably be the last post until we get close to Bella Bella. Not sure when that will be, but at least 10 days or more.

Some changes

Monday August 6, 2012

Wolf on beach on Campania Island.

Since our last post on June 30, we have traveled over 750 miles and been as far as the Alaskan border. In most of that area, except for around Bella Bella and Prince Rupert, there is no cell/internet service. The coast is wild and remote. Some days we never see another boat. We were in one area and didn't see another boat for five days. Some people were wondering what happened to us. And we don't want anyone to worry.
I have decided to re-vamp our blog. Originally, I had wanted to use this blog to keep our boat log and to keep in touch with family and friends. That works well when you can be in cell tower areas, but we like to get remote. So our blog will now be a compilation of pictures of the places we have been along with some commentary, but not the details we have included in the past. I think you will enjoy looking at the pictures and reading a few details, I won't be long winded as I know a picture can say a thousand words.