Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Back to Bush Islets, Johnstone Strait

Tuesday August 30, 2011
lv Port McNeill
arrv Bush Islets, Johnstone Strait 50 31.11N, 126 27.73W
There are not too many places to hole up while you are transiting Johnstone Strait and since we had a nice anchor in this location going west, we decided to try it again going east. Last time we had the anchorage to ourselves, this time two kayakers have set up camp on one of the islets. Kayaking in Johnstone Strait?.... either you are very brave or very foolhardy. This is not an area I would be inclined to kayak, period!

We enjoyed the company of a pod of porpoise for quite awhile, and I got a few pictures (of water with little splashes) and two videos. The one above is about 1.5 minutes long and is quite fun to watch them dart back and forth in front of our boat. They stayed with our boat for probably close to 30 minutes. So much fun!