Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to my oldest bro!

I know he won't see this today because he is busy leaving to go to California! But I want to wish him a good day anyway! Love you Mark!

Newcastle Island, Nanaimo to Ladysmith

Sandstone rocks on Newcastle Island.

Wednesday Sept 23, 2009
Leave: Nanaimo Harbour 0715
Nanaimo skyline on Tuesday night.

We are catching the slack tide at Dodds Narrows, but decided to take a turn and explore something new by going through False Narrows instead. The tide is high, so it was a piece of cake! Apparently, according to the guide book, it is only for intrepid sailors! Ha!
Arrive: Ladysmith at our dock 1230
Home again! We just have to finish a few projects we started on the house and then we will be off again, but not on the boat just yet. Our next trip will be by car to Lethbridge. Adios for now!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jedediah Island to Nanaimo Harbour

GG takes control, and does a very good job. Who ever said seniors are not useful? He he.
Tuesday Sept 22, 2009
Leave: Paul Island anchorage 0830
Clear and sunnnnyyyy again! Perfect weather for being out on the water, but no wind.
Our anchor was caught under another boat's chain, so fortunately, because we have a trip line on our anchor, we were able to untangle his chain from our anchor.
Arrive: Nanaimo Harbour fuel dock 1310
Fill up: engine hours 1598 92 L, $96.55
GG is departing Splendid Mane, heading back to the mainland via BC Ferries, and then on to Barcelona! Happy sailing GG!! Have fun.
We are anchored close by Newcastle Island for the night, probably be at our home dock tomorrow afternoon.

Pender Harbour to Jedediah Island

Stern tied on Jedediah Island.

Monday Sept 21, 2009
Leave: Pender Harbour 0900
Beautiful day! Sun is out and the sky is clear. We had a nice night in Pender Harbour, listening to the jazz music coming from a nearby pub (last night of the Pender Harbour Jazz Festival). The harbour was crowded, lots of American boats too.
We motored over to Jedediah, anchoring in a small cove between Jedediah and Paul Island.
Arrive: Jedediah 1420 stern tie ancohorage
We thought it was pretty tight anchorage with two other boats already settled in, but by dinner time, there was a total of eight boats, all stern tied.
Jerry and I went for a walk on Jedediah Island (all park land), and left GG to relax, watch the activity and read. Jedediah is a beautiful marine park, used to be privately owned, but was bought by the BC government in 1994.

One of the "wild" sheep that still live on Jedediah, remnants of the heard that was brought there by the owners of the island.

Kathy, self portrait, using my new underwater camera.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Storm Bay, Sechelt Inlet to Pender Harbour

The waterfall near Harmony Islands.

Sunday Sept 20, 2009
Leave: Storm Bay 0825
Heading north to go through Sechelt Rapids at 0944 slack, no problems, we actually hit it just perfectly and could see the tide change.
We took a side trip up Hotham Sound and around Harmony Islands (water temperature was 18 degrees, not too bad!) and then back towards Sechelt Inlet, and through Agamemnon Channel to Pender Harbour. GG wanted to be in an anchorage where there was lots going on and lots of boats. She got her wish! This is the last day of the Pender Harbour Jazz Festival.
Arrive: Pender Harbour 1700

Lots of time to read while boating!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Porpoise Bay, Sechelt

Kunechin Islets, close by where the Chaudiere was sunk in 1992 as an artificial reef. Another dive site is very close to the Sechelt Rapids (aka Skookumchuk).

Saturday Sept 19, 2009 Porpoise Bay, Sechelt
This is not exactly the most peaceful anchorage we have encountered, but not the noisiest either. Float planes are landing and taking off about every 30 minutes here.... where is everyone going? The sun is out with a few clouds floating by, all in all it looks like it will be a nice day. We are waiting until afternoon to bring a guest passenger on board, as most of you will know GG will be joining us for three days of sailing. Then we will be off to spend the night in Storm Bay, about an hour south of the rapids, a popular anchorage in Sechelt Inlet.
Leave: Porpoise Bay 1600
Heading north up Sechelt Inlet towards Storm Bay. We will anchor overnight and then leave in the morning to catch the 9:44 am slack tide through Skookumchuk.
There she goes again! Always on the computer!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Nelson Island through Sechelt Rapids!

Lions Mane Jelly Fish, Ballet Bay (a small one)

Friday Sept 18, 2009
Leave: Ballet Bay, Nelson Island 1000
We are meandering up Jervis Inlet to meet up with slack tide in Skookumchuk at 1415. The weather is overcast today, but a very pleasant 18 degrees.
We will update later this afternoon, apres' Skookumchuk!

Cloud "waterfall" in Hotham Sound. Harmony Islands are in the foreground.

Arrive: Porpoise Bay, near Sechelt 1700
Excellent passage through Skookumchuk! We went through just before slack without any problem at all. Tonight we will anchor just off the beach in Sechelt. The weather looks like it will be improving for tomorrow.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lasqueti to Nelson Island

Thursday Sept 17, 2009
Leave: Lasqueti Island 0800
The sky is looking a bit brighter than yesterday, but not that great for sailing, looks like it will be a motoring day. We passed a tug pulling a VERY big barge, loaded with containers and heading for Alaska. On our travels in this area we have seen quite a few of these barges heading north. This picture is just the back of the barge, and when we saw that truck, we both said "I wouldn't want my truck to be up there!" Ha ha!
Arrive: Ballet Bay, Nelson Island 1445
Fresh bread cooking in the oven! Mmmm, smells great!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

On the water again!

Wednesday Sept 16, 2009
Lv: Ladysmith 0800
Engine hours: 1562
We got away on time and are heading through Gabriola Passage to Lasqueti Island. Our weather forecast is for a chance of showers this afternoon and about 20 degrees, winds 10 to 15 knots in the straight this morning but then decreasing later this afternoon. Not exactly what we were hoping for, but we'll wait to see when we get there.
Arrive: Rous Bay, Lasqueti Island 1640
Beautiful day for sailing, even with all the rain, we had 10-15 knots of wind at our backs. Took the sails down just before Lasqueti. This is a one boat anchorage! Quiet and very tight.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We are off again, heading into a Sou'easter!

Splendid Mane is getting loaded up today so we can get an early start tomorrow. The weather forecast is for a good sou'easter to blow in Georgia Straight, which suits us just fine because we are heading for the Sunshine Coast. We have to get through Gabriola Passage close to slack (1130), so we are going to try to get away from the dock at 0800. GG is going to join us on Saturday morning! We will be picking her up in Sechelt (that is after we go through Skookumchuk!) Have a look at the video below for an idea of what can happen if you don't check the current table for Skookumchuck Narrows and ONLY go through at slack ...