Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Goose Island

Tuesday August 16 & Wednesday August 17, 2011
exit Louise Channel anchorage
arrive Goose Island 52 55.84N, 128 26.00W our farthest point north and west.
The low profile of the Goose Group of islands at low tide.

Last night we talked, planned, schemed and talked more about whether or not we should head out to Goose Island. In the end, as you can see, we decided to go. The reason we were hesitant was because it is a small group of very low (therefore no protection) islands about 6 miles from the mainland coast. Not really a great distance, but far enough that you don't want to get caught out there in the weather turns nasty which it easily can without much warning. But the forecast look favorable and we were in the mood!
Goose Island at sunset. The other boat arrived on our second night there.

Our rational was that we could always bail if the nasties came up. But we had a beautiful crossing and got anchored snuggly and right away decided that we would be staying two nights because is was sooo beautiful, not to mention isolated, what more could you ask for? Even after spending two days here, we did not get to all the little nooks and crannies we had hoped. 
Just after we got anchored, we got the dingy in the water and motored around Gull Island, a small island about half a mile in length. The the next morning, we dingyed over to Gosling Island, beached it and hiked over the island to a bay on the south side to explore.  A very nice hike though the woods, like walking though an old growth rain forest. The beaches here have sand that is just like silk, so soft and deep! Later in the day, after lunch we motored in Tail over to Goose Island to explore the beach for treasures.... and yes, I did find a treasure or two. In the end, I managed to find two glass fishing floats! Just what I was looking for. Jerry ask me if could find him a 100 oz gold bar, but so far I have not been able to. I will keep looking though.

Louise Channel Anchorage and kayaking.

Sunday August 15 & Monday August 16, 2011
exit Lockhart Bay
arrive Louise Channel Anchorage 52 07.23N, 128 20.92 W

Our kayaks parked on a small islet at the south end of Louise Channel at low tide.

This well protected anchorage, between Potts Island and Stryker Island, is pretty much as far as you can safely go through Louise Channel in a sailboat, but with a power boat you could continue on another half a mile or so to another snug anchorage. Again, we have picked a beautiful, quiet place to spend some time. In this case, we decided to spend two nights here. The area is prime for kayaking, and we were chomping at the bit to get back into the kayaks. This is one the things I just love doing... heading out in the kayaks to explore little islands and shorelines, especially now that I have my waterproof camera and I can get under water pictures. With the kayaks, we can get into all the little nooks and crannies that you can't get to in a boat and sometimes even the dingy doesn't work. The other thing about using the kayaks instead of the dingy, is that they are so quiet and we can sneak up on creatures great and small.
One of these weird and wonderful trees that grow on rocks all along the coast.

We headed out in the kayaks just before low tide so we get the advantage of the current going with us, then landed on a small islet, stretched our legs and had a snack, and then headed back up the channel with the tide rushing in...... sweeeet! It is just like having a little engine on the back of the kayak.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Saying Goodbye!

Friday August 12, 2011
exit Shearwater
arrive Lockhart Bay Horsfall Island 52 12.19N, 128 15.47W
This is where we are parting ways with Invictus. It has been so much fun boating along side with them and I am sure we will do it again next summer. But they have to start their journey towards home, and we still have lots of time to play!
I love the colours in this picture... looking towards the mainland coast mountains, just outside Bella Bella.
Our day was pretty uneventful, mostly grey and no wind. Our first stop was at Bella Bella to fill up with fuel and water since they don't have potable water in Shearwater (not sure why not, but that is what they told us).
Our first pick for anchorage, just west of Mallory Islands, was too crowded with fishing charter boats, so we turned around (very tight anchorage) and went a little further on, anchoring in very quiet Lockhart Bay.
Saturday August 13, 2011
Decided to stay another day in this beautiful bay, something we call a home day, where you just stay put. We waited for the rain to stop, and then used the dingy to explore the shore. Not much to report except a very large mass of fishing net and floats caught up on the rocks close to shore. It looked awful, but lots of creatures were making in into a home so we left it alone. Spent most of the day reading and just hanging.

And now for something completely different: tying up to a dock!

Thursday August 11, 2011
exit McNaughton anchorage
arrive Shearwater 52 08.87N 128 05.27W
Jerry and I got up a little earlier than usual which would be about 7. We had our breakfast, then jumped in the kayaks for a look around at low tide. The area where P & R had toured the day before was not accessible because of the low tide, so we decided to head the other direction. We were just going to go through 'that channel', then oh, well, lets just head around the island. All in all, it took us about two hours to paddle around the island we were anchored next to. Saw some dolphins, a couple whales and lots of interesting life along the shores at low tide. Yes, we did end up at the awesome tree, just made it through the drying area on a rising tide.
Where's mommy?

I spent a couple hours on Invictus trying my hand at fishing again with no luck. Back on Splendid Mane for a late lunch and we are giving P & R a little break from Pahokee (their little white dog), and then he gets to ride on the smooth sailing boat! Did you ever notice how power boaters most likely have a little white dog? 
Next stop, Shearwater. We arrive ahead of Invictus (they were still trying to catch a fish) and secure a place at the dock for both boats. We got some fuel, but then decided not to completely fill the tank because they didn't have potable water at the dock and we would have to stop at Bella Bella to get it anyway. Mom treats us all to dinner at the Shearwater Cafe, a nice change from boat food. Thanks Mom!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Serpent Group, then on to McNaughton Island

Invictus and Splendid Mane anchored for lunch in the Serpent Group.

Wednesday August 10, 2011
exit Underhill Island anchorage
arrive McNaughton Island NW Anchorage, 51 56.30N 128 13.81 W
"Tropical" beach in Serpent Group, just SW of Hunter Island.

We stopped for lunch in a beautiful spot, seems like out in the middle of nowhere, with a white sand beach but cold water. We took the dingy's to shore to do some exploring and also harvested a feast of mussels for dinner.
Jerry, relaxing in the sun.
A nice little cove with good wind protection, so it was very quite overnight. Jerry and I relaxed on board while Peter and Roma went out in Tuglet for a tour around the area. They came back all excited that they had seen the most coolest tree ever. We decided to wait for morning and head out in the kayaks for a tour.

Underhill Island

Tuesday August 9, 2011
exit Pruth Bay
anchor East Cove, Underhill Island 51 45.97N, 128 04.05 W
Tuglet getting a tow from Tail because the crew was too lazy to put the motor on.

This area, all around Hakai, is known for it's fabulous fishing. After leaving our anchorage, we stopped in Hakai Passage near an underwater pinacle to fish for ling cod. After a couple tries, I got a nice on on the hook, maybe about 3 feet in length. Jerry is in charge of the net, and just as he was getting Mr Ling in the net, he (she) jumped and got away! Oh well, we know where he lives and we will be back.
We then headed across the passage and stopped again, this time caught two black rock cod easily and filleted them for dinner. Meanwhile, Roma was catching her share of salmon using their fancy down riggers and all the gear.

Our first pick for an anchorage was too closed in, with now view, so we motored another 30 minutes and snuggled into a small cove that overlooked Hakai Passage and the little islands dotted everywhere.