Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Port McNeill

It's been a few days since I posted, but with three of us on board all wanting computer time, it is hard to fit it in. Grandma is having a great time so far, she has blown through two and a half books so far, been playing lots of cards and taking lots of pictures.
Right now we are sitting in Port McNeill, but we will be leaving soon. We had quite a time going through Green Point Rapids, we had it almost WOT and were not going anywhere. Finally we got through the worst of it, decided to anchor in a quiet bay and have lunch. While we waiting for the current to change I did a little fishing and managed to catch a beautiful ling cod, which we ate for dinner!I did it all by myself too! That is rally rally amazing.
The next few days or so, we will be out of internet service and really I am not sure when we will find it again. We are planning to meet up with P & R on Sunday August 7th and then puddle jump around Calvert Island and the mainland coast, hopefully catching a halibut and maybe some prawns and crabs.
We've got the kayaks on board so we will be doing lots of that, and of course I will take many pictures.
Until next internet stop, Ciao!