Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Silence... the good kind and the other kind

 Wednesday April 27, 2011
I have really not been ignoring our blog, just didn't have any blog worthy posts, hence the silence. It has been a long winter. We would have gone to Mexico but the violence there kept us home in Ladysmith. To break it up, we did take a trip to the Caribbean, charter a cat and sailed in the clear blue warm waters for 10 days in March. Now that spring is finally on the horizon (can you believe how cold it has been so far?), we are getting anxious to get out on Splendid Mane. First thing we have to do is give her a good wash and that will happen either today or tomorrow.
We did spend the long weekend on Footloose, Al and Margie's home on the water. And what fun we had! We met up with Peter (picture below) and Roma on Invictus on their homeward bound maiden voyage to Bella Colla. We had two beautiful days of sun and warm weather, awesome prawning and even some fishing, in Desolation Sound. Yee haw!!
Splendid Mane will be out on the water soon for a short spring fling, sails set and hull whispering through the water. We have plans to head up to Rivers Inlet and Calvert Island this summer (late July and August) and spend 4 or 5 weeks there. In between, we will be heading out to Alberta to see the newest addition to our family due in early June. 
I promise to be posting more often now that boating weather is here!