Friday, May 11, 2007

The Haul Out

Part of the process of getting Splendid Mane ready to sail is to have the bottom repainted. This process has to be done at least every two years. The bottom of a boat has a special paint on it to prevent sea life (barnacles, muscles, plants, etc.) from growing on it. This paint wears off after two years, so it has to be re-applied. It is also a good time to have a look at the underside of your boat to make sure everything is okay.
This year, we hauled out at the end of March in Maple Bay BC. The crane lifting our boat can lift a boat a lot heavier than ours, but not wider. There was only inches between the side of our boat and the crane.
Once out of the water and on dry land, they pressure washed the bottom and then applied the paint. Splendid Mane was only out of the water for 24 hours. Tomorrow I will tell you what else we did to our boat when it was out of the water.