Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A cold perch

June 24, 2007
Time: 0715 Hrs: 888.0
Humidity 67% Temp: 10 C Overcast, light rain, calm winds
Lv: Holkam Bay
Course: Stephens Passage > Auke Bay (north of Juneau)
We were debating skipping Juneau and heading south to Baranof Island and Sitka instead, but Juneau won out because we may not come up this far again. It is only a day away. Leaving Tracy Arm we still have to watch out for icebergs in Stephens Passage.
Arv: Auke (pronounced “oak”) Bay Marina
Lat: 58 22.95 N
Lon: 134 38.96 W
Time: 1715
Trip: 50.2 nm Log: 3439.1 nm
Fill with diesel: 22.6 Gal $73.82 US
This is a nice marina a little outside Juneau just buzzing with fishermen. Looks like if you don’t like to fish, you shouldn’t live here. The people are not as friendly as they have been in other Alaskan stops, but we think that is because they are to concentrated on their fishing. Someone else said it was because none of them are from around here, they are all tourists like us!