Monday, June 25, 2007

Touring around Hobart Bay

June 21, 2007
Time: 0915 Hrs: 864.4
Humidity: 57% Temp: 17 C Partly cloudy.
Lv: Petersburg
Course: Frederick Sound > Stephens Passage > Hobart Bay
The wind is calm but we are hoping to pick up a little when we enter Stephens Passage. As we turn the corner past Cape Fanshaw we can see that the rain is coming up behind us, but ahead it is bright and sunny. We are on the lookout for Humpback whales today. And we do spot some but they are too far away to get a good picture. We also see a sea otter, and a bunch of sea lions fighting over a buoy.
Arv: Hobart Bay
Lat: 57 24.16 N
Lon: 133 26.42 W
Time: 1600
Trip: 38.0 nm Log: 3331.1 nm
This is in cozy little anchorage with a small public dock. We are the only ones when we tie up, but later a fishing boat anchors nearby and then another sailboat ties up behind us. They are from Vancouver, the first Canadian boat we have seen since Port Hardy. Today is the longest day of the year….. HAPPY SUMMER SOLSTICE!