Monday, July 2, 2007

Elfin Cove

June 28, 2007
Time: 0910 Hrs: 901.8
Humidity: 76% Temp: 15 C Overcast, but we can see a little blue sky here and there. The wind is light, but forecast is for 15 knots later today.
Lv: Swanson Harbour
Course: Icy Strait > South Inian Passage > Elfin Cove
We have become very good at spotting the humpbacks from a long way off. They send a spout high into the air when they come up for a breath, and it can be seen from several miles away. Before noon today we had spotted two groups feeding close to shore.
Arv: Elfin Cove
Lat: 58 11.73 N
Lon: 136 20.82 W
Time: 1700
Trip: 37.8 nm Log: 3505.1 nm
We get some help tying up to the dock from a couple guys we met in Prince Rupert. They are from California. Elfin Cove is a cute little town. There are no roads here, just boardwalks and bridges. About 50 people live here in the summer; they have a post office and general store. There are 8 lodges that cater to fishermen. Apparently Kurt Russell was just here last week and will be coming back next week with Goldie Hawn for some fishing.