Monday, July 2, 2007

Chichago Island, Ghost town of Chichago

June 30, 2007
Time: 1015

Humidity: 75% Temp 15 C Foggy and drizzle rain.

Porcupine Bay
Course: Gulf of Alaska > Imperial Passage > Surveyor Passage > Odgen Passage > Klag Bay
We were going to stay at this anchorage today and go to White Sulphur Hot Springs in our tender, but since it is such a yucky day weather-wise, we decide to carry on. The rain does lift and we get a bit of sun and it warms up to 21 C. Lots of sea otters around here, they are sooo cute!
Klag Bay, Chichago Island
Lat: 57 39.74 N
Lon: 136 05.53 W

Time: 1600
Trip: 23.5 nm Log: 3572.4 nm

We are anchored in the head of
Klag Bay where there is an abandoned gold mine. From our boat it looks worth exploring. This turns out to be our lucky day…. I found the shoulder blade from what looks like a sea lion (I wanted to find one from a whale, but this one will do), and we spot a grizzly bear (we were back in the tender, fortunately) and were able to get close enough for some pictures. He was really not too concerned about our presence (since he is at the top of the food chain) as he browsed on grass close to the shore.