Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Would ya look at that?....

July 4, 2007
Time: 1030 Hrs: 929.7
Humidity: 73% Temp: 18 C Overcast with no wind in Sitka Harbour. The weather forecast for the next couple days is calling for 10’+ waves and 25 knots in the Gulf.
Course: Neva Strait > Salisbury Sound > Kalinin Bay, Kruzof Island
Instead of heading south down the outside of Baranof Island, we will back track a short distance and head through Peril Strait to the eastern side of the island and then south through Chatham Strait.
Just as we were leaving Sitka Harbour, we heard our first Mayday call on the radio. It was from a 39’ sailboat that had hit a rock (sounds familiar) about 15 miles south of Sitka. As it turned out, he was not in grave danger as he was able to back off the rock and he was not taking on water. It was a good learning situation for us though by listening to the conversation.
Arv: Sukoi Inlet, Kruzof Island
Lat: 57 16 77 N
Lon: 135 40.92 W
Time: 1550
Trip: 20.1 nm Log: 3634.6 nm
We stopped just before Sukoi Inlet to try our luck at a little bottom fishing, and wouldn’t you know it!, we were lucky and caught a nice Quillback Rockfish. Not much of a fight, but fun to catch none the less! We get to open another present tonight from Walter and Mavis!
The wind was howling and the rain coming down in buckets just when we were trying to anchor. After getting the anchor down, we decided that we would move after the rain slacked off because we were in too shallow. Second time we were successful, the rain has slacked off but the wind is still 20 knots.