Friday, August 10, 2007

An evening in Evening Cove

Aug 10, 2007
Time: 0845
Humidity: 61 % Temp: 21 C. Cloudy, light SE winds. Rain clouds off in the distance.
Lv: Dengen Bay
Course: Gabriola Passage > Tricomali Channel > Stuart Channel > Evening Cove
Very lazy day, we are not in any hurry to end our journey.
Arv: Evening Cove, Norman Mooring Buoy
Lat: 48 59.19 N
Lon: 123 45.92 W
Time: 1515
We are almost home (only a hour's sail away) but we were kindly invited to have dinner at our good friend's Walter and Mavis Norman house. Mavis fixed a beautiful dinner of lamb and produce from her garden (15 different items!). We also had blackberry/apple pie (both from their yard) for dessert. What a nice treat. After dinner we made our way back to Splendid Mane using "Crawford", Walter's dingy. Charles was mad at us when we got back because it was already dark and his routine was disrupted... dinner and then bed before dark. Things are gonna change when we get home!