Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Last Push

Aug 11, 2007
Time: 1100
Humidity: 67% Temp: 18 C. Overcast, a small hope of sunshine.
Lv: Evening Cove
Course: Ladysmith Harbour > Allen Dock
Now that we are getting close to home, the work begins! It is going to take us several days (or longer because we are back on "island time") to unpack the boat and get it cleaned up. So, while Jerry motors down our harbour, watching out for speed bumps (boatspeak for kayaks), I am packing things up.
Arv: Allen Dock
Lat: 49 00.75 N
Lon: 123 49.51 W
Time: 1200
Trip: 22.8 nm (includes yesterday) Log: 4669.9 nm
We're home! Many of you will want to know if we are glad to be home and the answer is yes and no. Yes, because well, it is our home and we have our nice big bed back! (the thing we missed the most). And no, because we had such a wonderful time with so many new things to see that we would have liked it to continue on. We found living on a sailboat to be quite comfortable and easy to get used to. We kept ourselves busy with reading and daily chores and we had lots of quiet times, each of us lost in our own thoughts. Charles took a little longer before he accepted his new life. It was about 6 weeks into the trip before he stopped meowing at the windows after we went to bed, and not until towards the end when he felt brave enough to relax in the sun on the cockpit bench while we were under way.
So we have to get busy and unpack Splendid Mane (ugggghhh!!) and then pack up for our next trip in 3 weeks.... we are chartering a sailboat in Croatia for 2 weeks in September with friends.