Thursday, August 2, 2007


The corner post on a house where a tree has grown... see how it's root goes down the old corner post?
July 25, 2007
Time: 1015
Humidity 67% Temp: 16 C. Partly cloudy, calm winds, no rain in sight. Looks like a motoring day.
Lv: Thurston Harbour anchorage.
Course: Laskeek Bay > Taanuu Heritage Site > Powrivco Bay to anchor.
We are stopping at the second Haida Heritage Site, T’aanuu Llnagaay (Tanu) on Tanu Island. We are met by another Haida watchman, Frank, and two other visitors from Victoria who traveled here by kayak. Also staying here is Denise, Frank’s wife, and their two children. This village was home to between 400 and 700 people, making it the largest Haida village in the Gwaii Haanas. As we walk along the clam shell lined path, past the moss covered depressions that used to be houses, we can imagine the people, noises, smells and sounds that were once here. Now the only sounds are the eagles and waves on the beach. After the tour we are treated to fresh baked snicker doodles and a little show and tell of native crafts (basketry and cedar carving) that Denise and Frank work on. The kids have been busy collecting rock scallop shells (lots here!) and Red Turban shells and their operculum (little trap door) that are used to decorate native clothing. They also told us how they like to eat the purple sea urchin (raw), another traditional native food. Hummm.
Arv: Powrivco Bay, Lyell Island
Lat: 52 41.06 N
Lon: 131 33.20 W
Time: 1610
Trip: 12.8 nm Log: 4171.2

We motored sailed most of the day and a short time after we get anchored it starts to rain. The water is so clear here you can easily see 20’ to the bottom and make out all the different marine life.