Thursday, August 2, 2007

Tidal flow in Houston Stewart Channel

This picture shows what happens in the middle of a channel when the tide, coming from both directions through the channel, gets together and has a party with the wind. This can be a very dangerous situation for small boats or kayaks.
July 29, 2007
Time 0845 Hrs: 1056.5
It is raining today.
Lv: Ikeda Cove
Course: Hecate Strait > Houston Stewart Channel going west > Anthony Island (Sgan Gway) > Houston Stewart Channel going east > Hecate Strait > Kunghit Island anchorage near Gull Islet.
Today we visit the last of the Haida sites. SGang Gwaay was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO (United Nations Education and Science Organization) in 1981. The island is located on the exposed southwest coast of Gwaii Haanas. The mooring buoy for visiting boats is occupied, so we put our anchor down on the lee side of a small island with a high rock face, hoping to get some shelter from the ocean swells. It seems to hold okay, but when you are anchored in that type of location, you can never really relax and know your boat will be safe. We take the dingy to shore and get a guided tour of the ruins in the village. As with the other sites, the beauty and serenity hits us as we walk quietly through the village. Well worth the trip to get here.
Our boat is still in the same place we left it :- ) even though the swells have gotten bigger. We have to head back to the east side to find a sheltered anchorage and a good starting point for our big crossing tomorrow.
Avr: Kunghit Island anchorage
Lat: 52 05.80 N
Lon: 130 57.91 W
Time: 2015
Trip: 38.4 nm Log: 4257.8 nm