Thursday, August 2, 2007

Tow Hill, the long beach of QCI

July 22, 2007
Another day to do some exploring on Graham Island. Today we have rented a car and are driving to the north end to see Massett and “the beach”. The northern end of Graham is very flat and the water around it is very shallow. Tow Hill is the only hill around for miles. It was formed through a vertical lava flow. We take the boardwalk all the way to the top, about a 30 minute walk, to see the view but today it is shrouded in fog except for a small opening about half way up. Back on North Beach we try our luck at catching crab with just a net (the way the locals catch them). I had a hard time seeing them because the water was too cloudy from the waves kicking up the sand. No crabs for us today.
We take the car on a gravel logging road to explore the western side, but have to turn back because the road gets too rough.