Sunday, August 5, 2007

Gowland Harbour, Quadra Island

Aug 5, 2007
Time: 0750
Humidity 74% Temp: 16% Partly cloudy, wind 3-5 knots, current 3.2 knots on ebb tide.
Lv: Billygoat Bay, Helmcken Island
Course: Johnstone Strait > Discovery Passage > Seymour Narrows > Gowland Harbour
We have the current in our favour for the time being so we are heading out. Lots of other traffic this morning. We saw some orcas, about 6 or so, close to Chatham Point, but not close enough to get any pictures. We stopped in Plumper Bay for a couple hours to wait for slack water in Seymour Narrows. Going through the narrows, we had a cruise ship breathing down our necks. We wanted to put up the sails and start doing some tacking!
Arv: Gowland Harbour, Quadra Island
Lat:50 04.66 N
Lon: 125 13.53 W
Time: 1830
Trip: 35.2 nm Log:4544.7 nm