Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Around the Cape!

Sunday June 15
Depart: Clam Cove 0600
Still overcast, maybe some sun breaking through, 11 C
Arrive: Sea Otter Cove, Vancouver Island 1500 Lat: 50 40.68 Lon: 128 21.07
Trip log: 309.1 nm day: 40 nm
Well we did it, and had some good sailing too! We listened to the weather forecast this morning and it sounded like a good day to make the turn around the north end of the island. It is something you have to plan carefully for because of the tides, currents, and winds. In the picture above, although no a very good picture, you can see what they call the "dancing waters". This is right at the tip where the currents from Queen Charlotte Sound meet the currents coming off the Pacific, causing the water to "dance". It was really quite interesting. After turning southwest, we had a nice sail until almost Sea Otter Cove (and yes we saw some sea otters).