Thursday, June 19, 2008

Friday June 20
Depart: Chapman Islet, Koskimo Bay 1330
Cloudy, raining lightly 12 C
Arrive: Gooding Cove 1700, Lat: 50 23.99 Lon: 127 57.19
Trip Log: 367.9 nm Day: 10 nm
We hung around all morning because we had a great connection on the internet. On our way out of the inlet, we tried fishing (no luck yet!) and then decided, despite the weather forecast of 25 - 30 knots of wind, that we would attempt to get out of Quatsino and head a little further south towards Brooks. As we stuck our noses out, we decided it was not worth the rough weather to get only a few miles, so we tucked into an out of the way bay for the night with a couple kayakers.
The winds are howling out on the coast, so this is a good time to enjoy our quiet little anchorage, do some looking around, even in the rain and nasty weather.