Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bligh Cove

This was a most unusual sight we encountered while on our trip today. Around the sun was a 'sun dog' but then off to one side was this arc of rainbow and then there was another arc, the exact mirror of this one, but not as brilliant, right next to it. Not only that, but another 'bright spot rainbow' was part of the array as well. The sight of a sun dog around the sun usually means that bad weather is coming tomorrow, but with the rainbow there, we are not really sure that is the case here. Really cool, and very hard to describe as you can tell!
Sunday June 29
Depart: Zeballos 0600
Clear blue sky, 17 C ... need I say more?
Arrive: Bligh Cove, Bligh Island 1615 Lat: 49 39.06 Lon: 126 31.22
Beautiful sailing day... couldn't ask for anything better.
Trip Log: 535.1 nm Day 14.7 nm
We put the prawn trap down again, this time at 300'... maybe we will catch some for dinner.