Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hot Spring Cove

Tuesday July 1
Depart: Hesquiat Harbour 0700
Overcast, foggy, 17C
Stop: Hot Spring Cove 1015
We wanted to get to the hot spring a little earlier to try to beat the crowds, but did not get organized in time. As it was, there was only maybe about 10 other people in the hot spring when we got there, instead of 20 or more as we have heard. It is not a very big hot spring, I don't even think 20 people would be able to be there at one time! The best thing about the stop was the beautiful boardwalk that has been built by the park. It is 2 km long, and all very nicely done in cedar planks.
Back at the boat, we had lunch and then pulled up the anchor to find a quiet place for the night.
Arrive: Bottleneck Cove 1600 Lat: 49 26.75 Lon: 126 12.99
Trip Log: 588.9 nm Day: 23.1nm
Bottleneck Cove is just like it sounds.... the entrance is like going through a wine bottle neck and then it open out to a very beautiful quiet cove. And of course, it has the resident black bear as well. We watched him scrounge the beach at low tide for crabs and such.