Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Jerry will try to haul anything home!

On this one, I said No!

Friday June 27
Depart: Dixie Cove, 0815
Overcast, but not raining. 15 C. The weather still seems to be improving, at least it is getting warmer.
Stop: Yellow Bluff Bight 1230 for lunch and beach crawl.
Arrive: Queen Cove 1730
Trip Log: 486.6 nm Day: 21.5 nm Lat: 49 52.69 Lon: 126 58.99
All of our anchorages have been very quiet, we hardly ever see another boat, and rarely are they in the same cove as us. The people we do get a chance to talk to have said that the season really hasn't gotten started yet, but also they have noticed traffic is down this year.