Thursday, July 10, 2008

Leaving Barkley Sound before the sun got up.

Just before sunrise in the Broken Islands

Sunrise over Vancouver Island
Friday July 10
Depart: Gilbert Island Beach 0545
Calm, 17 C, clear sky
Stop: Bamfield for fuel, 90L @ $1.60 $144.00
Arrive: Dodger Channel, near Diana Island, Deer Group 1035
Lat: 48 49.98 Lon: 125 11.65
Our plan this morning was to head south and arrive in Sooke (about 70 miles) late this evening, but the winds shifted and were very light, not good for sailing. So, we will try again tomorrow, the forecast is for favorable winds.
We are anchored in a small channel between two islands in the Deer Group, just outside of Bamfield. The weather is beautiful and sunny.