Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Our friend in the Bunsbys

This black bear hung around the little cove where we anchored all day.
Monday June 23
Depart: Columbia Cove 0730
Another sunny day, some scattered clouds, 12 C (switch water tank)
Arrive: Scow Bay, Bunsby Islands 1130 Lat: 50 06.27 Lon: 127 30.96
Trip Log: 419.7 nm
A short trip today, but we wanted to check out this area before we went on. After dinner, we decided that the anchor chain was making an unusual amount of noise as it dragged across a rock, and not sounding the way it usually does when it drags. So, as an after dinner activity, we pulled the anchor up, but it did not come easily. After tugging, yanking, and heaving, we figured we had the chair wrapped around a rock and as it shimmied up and down the rock it was making a vibrating noise right through the rigging on the boat. Our solution was to use the dingy to pull the anchor out of the mud and then around the rock (reverse the direction it was laid). It worked, much to our relief. We then reset the anchor, and slept very soundly!