Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Visiting Bamfield

Rick and Rosita at Seaview in BamfieldYoshi, Rick's dog, waiting for us to throw her a stick.
Monday July 7
Depart: Bamfield Harbour 1420
Arrive: Joe's Bay, near Dodd Island, Broken Islands Barkley Sound 1845
Lat: 48 55.08 Lon: 125 19.62
Trip Log: 738.5 nm Day: 17 nm
We had a wonderful visit yesterday and today with Rick and Rosita. They treated us to dinner, sleepover, breakfast, and lunch. And we finally got to meet Rosita whom we have heard so much about. Rick even went out and caught us a fish for dinner! After lunch, Rick took us back out to Splendid Mane, and we sailed over to the Broken Islands... a perfect sail with just the right wind.