Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Roche Harbor to Friday Harbor, San Juan Island

Tuesday November 25, 2008
Lv: Roche Harbor 0945
It is raining today, our first day of rain, but no surprise, that is what the forecast said.
Arrive: Friday Harbor 1230 Log 1264
Lat: 48 32.36 Lon: 123 00.95

It didn't quite rain the whole day, and we could see the sun shinning off to the west over Vancouver Island so we knew that it would be coming our way soon. The wind kicked up to 15 knots and we got some nice sailing in. We didn't see the killer whales, but they are around. Our first stop in Friday Harbor, after checking in at the marina, is the Whale Museum.  They reported that the L Pod was spotted off the west side of San Juan that morning, but we were on the east side. I am confident we will see them on this trip.

Killer whale skeleton at the Whale Museum in Friday Harbor.