Saturday, May 23, 2009

Gibsons and then off to Gambier Island

Saturday May 23, 2009
Time:1145 Leave Gibsons
We spent the morning having a look around Gibsons, stopped for coffee and 11'sies.
We are heading to Gambier Island, circumnavigating and then anchoring in a calm bay, yet to be decided, tonight. The winds are very lite today, remains to be seen if we get the sails up.

Splendid Mane at anchor near Gibsons, looking north towards the mainland.

Time: 1630 Arrive Halkett Bay, Gambier Island
Trip: 20.4 nm
We did manage to get the sails up for a bit of the day, but mostly just motor-sailed around Gambier. After arriving at Halkett Bay, we went for a walk through Halkett Bay Marine Park.