Sunday, July 19, 2009

Refuge Island to Dodger Passage

Black bear near our anchorage at Refuge Island.

Saturday & Sunday, July 18-19, 2009
Leave: Refuge Island 0945
We stayed two nights at Refuge Island because it was such a perfect anchorage. It was quiet, protected, scenic and great kayaking. Friday night we took the dingy up a small inlet to the end and discovered a beautiful river emptying into the inlet with waterfalls and pools. So, Saturday morning we took our towels and soap and headed up in our kayaks for a swim and a bath! It was wonderful!

Today we have had some discussion about whether or not to head out of Barkley Sound today or stay one more night. The winds are favorable for a trip today, but it is getting late to get started. Tomorrow the forecast is for light winds, not the best scenario. We are still undecided... tune in later for more details!
The verdict is in, we are staying one more night.
Arrive: Dodger Passage, 1600
We had a great afternoon sail across Imperial Eagle Channel, with winds up to 22 knots. We are settled in for the night now, the wind has mostly clamed down. We will get a very early start in the morning...... probably about 5:30 to head down Juan de Fuca to Port Renfrew or further if things are going our way.