Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jedediah Island to Nanaimo Harbour

GG takes control, and does a very good job. Who ever said seniors are not useful? He he.
Tuesday Sept 22, 2009
Leave: Paul Island anchorage 0830
Clear and sunnnnyyyy again! Perfect weather for being out on the water, but no wind.
Our anchor was caught under another boat's chain, so fortunately, because we have a trip line on our anchor, we were able to untangle his chain from our anchor.
Arrive: Nanaimo Harbour fuel dock 1310
Fill up: engine hours 1598 92 L, $96.55
GG is departing Splendid Mane, heading back to the mainland via BC Ferries, and then on to Barcelona! Happy sailing GG!! Have fun.
We are anchored close by Newcastle Island for the night, probably be at our home dock tomorrow afternoon.