Friday, September 18, 2009

Nelson Island through Sechelt Rapids!

Lions Mane Jelly Fish, Ballet Bay (a small one)

Friday Sept 18, 2009
Leave: Ballet Bay, Nelson Island 1000
We are meandering up Jervis Inlet to meet up with slack tide in Skookumchuk at 1415. The weather is overcast today, but a very pleasant 18 degrees.
We will update later this afternoon, apres' Skookumchuk!

Cloud "waterfall" in Hotham Sound. Harmony Islands are in the foreground.

Arrive: Porpoise Bay, near Sechelt 1700
Excellent passage through Skookumchuk! We went through just before slack without any problem at all. Tonight we will anchor just off the beach in Sechelt. The weather looks like it will be improving for tomorrow.