Sunday, November 29, 2009

Another day in Davis

The arboretum at the University of Davis California... the yellow is a Ginkgo tree.

Friday November 27, 2009
Today is Jerry's birthday and we are just going to take it easy, and explore around Davis and Sacramento. First we head over to the university to see where Mickey works and goes to school. He took us for a tour through the arboretum as well, really beautiful! Afterwards we stopped at a roadside fruit and vegetable market and bought a couple big bags of fresh walnuts and almonds. mmmmmm, they are so yummmy!
Then we stopped at a little local winery for a taste, and then on to Sacramento where we toured around Old Sacramento by foot. It is the original part of town, with cobble stone streets, etc, but too touristy for our tastes! Back to Davis, we stopped at Target and as you can see from the above picture, got special treatment in the parking lot because of our hybrid Prius!
We went out for dinner with Mickey and Michelle at a Thai restaurant, very nice!
Tomorrow we head to Monterey Bay Aquarium and then south.