Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Goin to weed.... Weed California

Wednesday Nov 25, 2009
Trip: 1241 km
We enjoyed having breakfast this morning with Gabe at Slappy Jacks, a new restaurant that Gabe did some painting for (seen in background on wall). They have a very interesting way of serving pancakes.... you cook them yourself right at your table! The griddle is level with the table top and gets quite hot, they were really yummy!
After breakfast we got a chance to see Gabe's new studio, but it is not quite finished yet. He is hoping to be in soon. Another BEAUTIFUL day for traveling, the sun shone down on us all day, got to a high of 17 degrees! We arrived in Weed California at about 7:00. This town did not get it's name from marijuana as you might suspect, but from a fellow by the name of Abner Weed, who started a sawmill here in 1897. I am sure he would have appreciated the fact that there are a lot of people in northern California who now grow weed for a living!
Tomorrow... off to Davis and then Napa for Thanksgiving with Mickey and Michelle!