Monday, November 23, 2009

We're leaving...... on a jet plane..... well, not really!

Monday November 23, 2009
Tomorrow we start our next journey..... by car {Prius} to Ajijic, Mexico. We will be traveling through Portland, San Francisco, La Quinta, and then crossing the border at Nagoles. We expect to arrive in Ajijic (just south of Guadalajara) on December 7 or 8th. We'll be sure to keep our followers well informed about our trip with commentary and lots of pictures. Above is a parting shot of the marina close to our house at sunrise, this particular picture taken two weeks ago just before our weather turned rainy. But I am never one to complain about the rain! It is beautiful too.

Splendid Mane has been put to bed for the winter. We took the canvas off yesterday and put up a tarp over the boom to cover the dodger just in case it snows. All through hulls are closed up, and we have a little heater to keep temperature just above freezing.
Check back with us often to follow on our adventure south!