Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cidudad de Mexico... Mexico City

Sunday December 20, 2009
We arrived in Mexico City safe and sound on Friday afternoon. The traffic was horrendous! It is really very interesting how traffic moves at all in this city! We were in a lane coming off the highway that turned right, which is what we wanted to do, but the cars on our right (who were also suppose to be turning right) were trying to move over the the left and the cars on our left (who were suppose to be going left) were cutting in front of us to turn right! What a hoot! Sometimes there seems to be two lanes but all of a sudden there are three lanes of traffic even though there is only room for two! We knew where our hotel was, but it took us several circles around the area until we were actually able to pull up in front and park due to road blocks, one way streets, being in the wrong lane, missing the right turn, etc.!! Our next challenge is to exit the city tomorrow morning. Oh yeah, I almost forgot.... everyone loves to blow their horns!
 Our first tourist experience was to go to the Museum of Anthropology on Saturday. We got there about 10:00 am, by bus, so it was not busy yet. Upon entering the museum, we were asked if we would like to leave our imprint for the day by participating in an origami making project. Each visitor was asked to make something with the origami paper and leave it anywhere in the museum. They had instructions (in Spanish) and I had wanted to make a crane but it ended up being a pyramid.

Just as we were leaving the museum, I took this picture of the origami shapes people had left in the centre of the museum.
We are going out to get a bite to eat, I will post again later today or this evening! I have some great pictures of action on the streets around our hotel. And pictures of ice skating, snow ball fights, snowmobiling and making snowmen! It has been lots of fun having a look around the city today.