Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Off to Guadalajara on New Years Eve

We are planning to visit Guadalajara tomorrow, and will be posting tomorrow evening. Happy New Years everyone!
We went, we saw, we came home and then I downloaded the pictures on my computer and I am not sure exactly what happened at the point, but while I was deleting the pictures off my camera, I also managed to delete them off my computer, and they are not even in the recycle bin where they usually go. Hmmmm, oh well, we are planning to go to Tonala to look around on Sunday and it is somewhat the same as Tlaquepaque (just outside Guadalajara), so I will get some pics then.
As for our trip to Tlaquepaque (pronounced la key paa key), it was somewhat disappointing as far as what we were expecting. From what I have read, Tlaquepaque is the shopping capital of Mexico if you are looking for things to furnish your house. And yes, we saw some very beautiful furniture and art, but not as much as I thought was there.
I made a cake today. We are going to have cake and ice cream with raspberries on top for dessert tonight. Yummy!

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Pat Shaughnessy said...

Sounds yummy! Are the raspberries local?