Saturday, December 26, 2009

Red sky in the morning.....

Saturday December 26, 2009
Early this morning, as I was still laying in bed (Jerry was already getting the coffee going), I glanced towards our window with drapes still drawn, and noticed the light just starting to come through was a different colour than it normally is. I jumped up and opened the drapes and this is what I saw. I quickly grabbed my housecoat and camera and ran outside and up the spiral staircase to the roof and took this picture. It is the most beautiful sunrise I have seen here in Ajijic, and it only lasted maybe 5 minutes tops.

This picture below is taken looking a little to the north at the same time as the one above. Jerry checked the weather forecast  for today and it said a possibility of rain. So far it hasn't rained but it is cloudy and we only saw the sun for about an hour. Oh well, as least I don't have to put up with freezing rain, or close to freezing temperatures. The sun will come back tomorrow and we can work on our tans again!