Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tuscon to San Carlos Mexico!

Sunset on the beach at San Carlos, just a few minutes north of Guaymas.
Thursday December 3, 2009
We made it! Thanks to Jerry's awesome driving, he drove the whole day (I think he just didn't trust me to drive on the Mexican roads), we arrived in San Carlos on the west coast at about 4:30. The weather is perfect here, but I think the Mexicans think it is a little on the cold side. When we stopped to get our tourist permit, the clerk behind the desk had one of those radiant heat turbo heaters going right on his legs!
Crossing the border was a non event, they just waved us through, no questions, no stopping (except for going over the topees otherwise know as very big speed bumps). Then about 20 km down the highway we had to stop to get our tourist card and car permit. We knew we were suppose to get them but there was no mention of anything at the border and as luck would have it we did everything right.
We are still thinking of what we will be doing tomorrow, but probably stop somewhere between here and Mazatlan. Which would put us in Ajijic on Sunday.