Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day trip to Mazamitla

Sunday January 10, 2009
We left early this morning (about 9:30) for our day trip to Mazamitla. It was cool this morning but promised to be a beautiful day to take a trip into the mountains (elevation about 7500 feet). But by the time we arrived in Mazamitla (about a two hour drive), the temperature had cooled to a nippy 13 degrees! It was a busy day, most roads were jammed with visitors and parking was at a premium. We noticed they were having a quad competition which no doubt had attracted many young men with their fathers. We saw lots of motorcycles around town as well, but mostly it was just people wanting to get a breath of beautiful mountain air! Most people (not us!) were dressed for the weather with down jackets, warm shoes or boots, gloves, toques, scarves or ear-muffs.
We had our lunch at a nice restaurant in the centre of town.... quesadillas, above, with hot vegetable soup and coffee, very yummy and just what we needed to warm up.

Mazamitla is famous for their cheese and canned fruit and juices. We bought a kilo of cheese from a street vendor, tomorrows dinner. On the way back to Ajijic, we stopped to take a few photos of the vista....
Just out of the centre of town, this is a picture of the valley below.
Half way down the mountain, another view, Lake Chapala on the right.

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