Thursday, January 7, 2010

Neighborhood walks and village visits.

Thursday January 7, 2009
Yesterday afternoon, mom and I walked around our neighborhood and had a look at all the beautiful gardens. I took some pictures of the more unusual plants, many plants growing in the yards here are our "house plants", but they grow to be huge!

Shrimp plant.

Hens and chicks.

Mother of thousands.

Red sedum

I took Mom to the village center this morning, but by the time we got back home we had a flat tire! After taking the tire off, Jerry saw the problem. We had picked a nail at some point. So we got the spare put on and headed up to the tire shop where they actually found two nails! Got that fixed and then decided we might as well change the oil too.
Two patches for flat tire, tire rotation, oil change:  at 98,500 km 390 pesos ($31.64 cdn)
So we are all set to go again! Back to the village tomorrow... we will get some pictures.

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