Monday, February 1, 2010

Hello February!

Sunday February 1, 2009
We have so much planned for this month, it just blows my mind away. First thing we have to do is get our butts home from Mexico, darn! Then there are birthdays galore this month, one whose day we don't even know yet! Once we get home, we have a list of projects we have to tackle and then we are off again at the end of the month to go skiing and visiting! Those are just the things I know, as DR would say.... those are known knowns, what we don't know are the unknowns, and there are always unknowns. :-)
Phil left today, heading home to Edson. He said he enjoyed his holiday here, but hanging out with a couple old  fogies for a week may not have been the perfect holiday for a 24 year old. But one thing for sure, I taught him a few new tricks in the kitchen, and maybe some of it will rub off. Below is a picture of his lunch yesterday while we were shopping in Tonala.
Last night we had the most fantastic thunder/lightening storm I think I have ever experienced. It sounded like we had lightening striking very close by, and the rain was coming down in buckets, BIG buckets! It looks as if our last week here may be a rainy one. But it is still a pleasant temperature of about 15. We will be tying up loose ends the next few days, making sure we have paid all our bills and signed off as tenants at this house. Our date of departure looks like it will be Saturday morning, first stop Mazatlan, then Guaymas and next across the border to Phoenix to meet up with Ken and Verna.


margie said...

We are looking forward to an authentic Mexican dinner when you get home. Hope you have time for that!

Pat Shaughnessy said...

Oh my! Does that salad ever look good!!! I'm curious as to what kitchen tricks Phil learned. Was the thunder/lightning storm something unusual down there?