Saturday, June 26, 2010

Almost home

Saturday June 26, 2010
Downtown Anchorage tourist information center...... a sod-roofed log cabin in the middle of town.

We are on our last leg home, just leaving Burns Lake right now, and we should be home tomorrow afternoon. If we have a good internet connection later today, I will post some about what we have been up to the last 5 days, we have seen some fantastic scenery.

Can't remember the name of this glacier, having a senior moment. It was on the highway between Anchorage and Tok Alaska.
Tuesday June 22 Anchorage to Top of the World camp, our best camp so far. The border crossing closes at 9:00 pm Yukon time, so after clearing customs we drove another couple clicks and then stopped for dinner and decided we couldn't do better for a camping spot. It really was beautiful, we could see forever in every direction and watched as rain came towards us, then over us and then moved on. Best of all, it was soooo quite, we really were the only ones around.
Red Fox looking for some handouts.... check out the beautiful tail.

Wednesday June 23 Top of the World camp to Dawson City then Skagway. Driving from the Top of the World to Dawson City was great! We were concerned the road might not be so good, but it was actually better than the highway from Whitehorse to the US border. In Dawson City we went on a guided historic tour of the town and learned lots about the gold rush in 1896.... all I can say is I am glad we live now and not 100 years ago! On to Skagway. We were going to stop in Whitehorse but then decided to check out Skagway instead. The drive from Whitehorse to Skagway was stunning! I would recommend it to everyone who makes this trip.
The effects of a glacier... this landscape is over 10,000 years old. Located on the highway into Skagway.

Thursday June 24 Skagway to mosquito camp (just north of Dease Lake BC). Yikkes!!! The mosquitoes were really truly huge! And they were very hungry. Jerry sprayed all over the outside of the car with DEET 40% while I tried to set up our mattress and organize the car. That stuff really works, but I would never spray it on my skin. Jerry was worried it might take the paint off the car! We won't make that mistake again... first check the mosquito meter before deciding on camp location!
Friday June 25 We left mosquito camp (before the little buggers got up) and drove about 8 hours to Smithers to stay with our friends Mary and Rob Boyce. Caught up on about 7 or 8 years worth of happenings between our families, polished off two bottles of wine and lots of good food!
And today will be the last night on the road, we will probably end up somewhere on the Pemberton Highway tonight.

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