Monday, August 9, 2010

And they're at the post....... they're off!!

Monday August 9, 2009
Leave our dock, Ladysmith 1330
Trip log: 0nm
Arrive Nanaimo Harbour 1745
Ultimate destination: Seymour Inlet 51 04.98N 127 39.40W
Lots of reading material for our trip.
We are off, FINALLY!! It took us two full days to pack the boat with enough supplies to last us one month. That is a lot of trips down and up the stairs. But, we are one hour into our trip and so far neither Jerry or myself can think of anything we have forgotten.
We will get through Dodd Narrows just before slack so we get a little push with the current. Next stop will be to fill up on diesel and water in Nanaimo, then we can put the anchor down in the harbour and enjoy our reward..... a nice dinner with a glass of wine. Then Splendid Mane will gently rock us to sleep. Saaa-weeet!!!
Welcome to all our followers, we hope you enjoy the trip!
Fuel: 114 lt (with extra gas can) $125.29
Water tanks full.


Pat Shaughnessy said...

I'm looking forward to it. Nice bananas! Sorry I missed your phone call. Jessie and I were with Adina for lunch and coffee. See you around?


Anonymous said...

We have just arrived in the NW to find a sailboat and cruise like you do. Your trip will be an inspiration. If you know of a good boat, please let us.

Wet Coasters said...

Herb and Laura... it depends on how much you want to spend and what size boat you are looking for. if you send us an email at and let us know, we can keep our eyes out for a boat for you. There's a boat out there just waiting for you!