Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pushing through Johnstone Strait

Saturday August 14, 2010
Leave Octopus Islands 1200
Arrive Helmken Island, Johnstone Strait
Last night we decided to try kayaking in the dark, so at about 10 pm, we headed out for a paddle around the bay. It was soooo cool! With the bio-luminescence in the water, each stroke on the paddle unleashed a flash of light through the water. AND... we could watch fish darting about around our kayaks! They were like comets in the sky with long tails behind them! Definitely something we will do again on this trip. We also enjoyed watching the end of the latest meteor shower and the beautiful milky way.
We delayed leaving our anchorage this morning as the currents in the area are very strong and we had to wait until close to slack. Our original plan was to head through Hole In The Wall, but with Johnstone Strait calm as can be, we decided to go through Okisollo Channel instead. We had a very relaxing kayak tour around the Octopus Islands with Walter and Mavis after breakfast of cinnamon buns, scrambled eggs and fresh fruit salad and coffee.
So right now we are heading to Helmken Island, one of our favorite anchorages. It is right smack dab in the middle of Johnstone Strait, but very protected and not too many other boaters stop there. Last time we were there, we found an eagles nest, so we are going to check it out again today. Tomorrow we should be in Port McNeill to fill up with diesel and top off our water tanks. Then it is on to Nakwakto Rapids.

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