Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ayy Matey! On to Pirates Cove

Leaving Hardy Island anchorage, fog still laying low, heading out into Georgia Strait.
Wednesday September 8, 2010
Leave Hardy Island 0920
Arrive Pirates Cove 1900
Trip log 713.3
Fuel $60.59 Nanaimo Engine Hrs 1779.7
Water tanks full
What an absolutely beautiful day! It started out with some very thick fog between Texada Island and the mainland, but by 9:00 we could see that it was starting to lift. So we hauled the anchor (no trouble today!) and headed out. The wind did pick up enough to get the head sail up for about 5 minutes, but then nothing. But the sun is out with big white puffy clouds here and there, and a very light breeze, you can't really ask for anything more. We are hoping to pick up our grandson at the Nanaimo fuel dock later today and take him to Pirates Cove, his favorite anchorage.
The damn painter is always getting tangled up! At the dingy dock in Pirates Cove

Pirates Cove is really a great place to take kids! Aiden loves coming on Nana and Papa's boat if "we can go to the treasure box"! At Pirates Cove, they have a real treasure box (someone stole it a few years ago, but the local boaters made a new one to replace it.... can you believe the nerve of someone to steal it?) in which the policy is "take something, leave something". It works great, and Aiden and Papa love combing through the treasure to find something of interest. You never know, sometimes there are even useful items in there!
You can just feel his excitement as he runs to the treasure box, toy in hand to leave behind for another lucky kid.


Pat Shaughnessy said...

Find some good treasures! Call when you get home. I'm leaving Friday afternoon with Moira & Brian for the Garlic Festival in New Denver. We're staying at a B & B and will be home Sunday night.

Anonymous said...

Garlic festival, I really got excited, so disappointed when I googled it and found out where we'd have to sail to. Just going to put an extra clove in the pesto tonight, have our own festival. Pirate Cove sounds exciting will look forward to the post.