Friday, September 3, 2010

Things don't always go as planned.

Friday September 3, 2010
Leave Port Mcneill 1430
Arrive Pearse Islands Marine Park 1630
Trip log 530.2

We left the dock yesterday late afternoon and started to put the anchor down using the "fixed" windlass, but it was not to be. We got about 40 feet out and it quit. Jerry fiddled with it for almost two hours and was not able to get it going again, so we pulled the anchor back up by hand and headed back to the dock which is where we are now. We have someone coming at anytime to give us a hand to fix it and then we are hoping to get back on the road (water!).
The mechanic took a look at the windlass motor and said we need a new one but the closest one is in Florida. So, we are heading out of PM now to the Pearse Islands and we will just have to do it the old fashioned way.... by hand! Depending on how it goes tonight and then with retrieving the anchor, that will determine how fast we get home. I already told Jerry a few weeks ago that I wanted to start weight lifting, but I wasn't think of the anchor!

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Pat Shaughnessy said...

Hi Kathy & Jerry, Nice to catch up with you again. I'm still in Tatlayoko and plan to leave around 8 in the morning. Blanche has invited, Amy, David and me for dinner tomorrow night. I'll e-mail you probably on Monday. Keep having a good time and taking more pics.